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I believe in the saying that, your story matters to not only you but more than just you.

Would you want a coach who would listen carefully to your story, who would always take the time to understand it, and regularly provide you with guidance on how you can structure it on your page? What if you had a stand-by coach to talk to whenever you feel insecure and blocked, one who could help you re-energize that inspiration which gave birth to your book idea? Would you love to have an experienced expert who could help you with laying down a timeline, who would hold you accountable, and always support you through your final publishing decisions? I am sure you would love that. Then, you would finish your book, right? Obviously!

I have designed a program that is a one-on-one experience which turns artists into thriving authors. Now, you can explore your own creative writing process with little guidance and your own inspiration.


These are the pre-writing steps. However, the writing part can be very demanding. This is where I get questions like: “Where do I start? How can I structure my book? Whom exactly am I to write this? Once I get started, will I find time and motivation to continue writing? What if my writing probably hurts someone I love? What will people say?”

I have come to understand that writing brings up most significant doubts about ourselves, about our professional skills, our expertise, even our certification to be an author. Most times, this is not planned, and this is known as “writer’s block”.
This is why hiring a coach makes all the difference and does the magic. In the last decade, I have received appraisals from many clients who have testified to the excellent results my author coaching has brought them.

I offer many mouth-watering packages for all of my clients, which include, hour sessions every other week, which help to map out chapter content and break through any resistance as writing commences. I also offer full manuscript reading and notes as you write. This saves my client’s developmental editing in the end, which costs several thousands of dollars. I give all my clients permanent access to our Signature Course: “The Writing Craft” which covers the writing method as a whole, and also strategies which are needed to bust through the writer’s block and be a successful writer. All of my clients who have followed through with our programs have been able to finish their manuscript in less than 6 months of starting. I grant unlimited e-mail and messenger support to my clients and respond to all inquiries within 48 hours.


As a motivation, I offer a bonus 2-hour Marketing Strategy Session to my clients upon completion of a book.

Here comes the great question. Do you have a passion for writing? Perhaps, it has been your longtime dream to publish a book? Have you tried repeatedly, only to be tripped up by the demands of life? You might have felt frustrated, unmotivated, in need of guidance, or in any way deterred by the whole publishing process. My advice to you is to HIRE AN AUTHOR COACH FAST! Do not let your dream of writing and publishing a book die. Do not let your words or ideas get lost before you get them down on paper to be published for the world to read.

Most times, even with great ideas and excellent writing abilities, the path to becoming a published author can feel long, lonely, and arduous. There is absolutely no reason for you to travel down that path alone. Get the support, education, training, and motivation you need; I am here for you.

Why not hire me today as your Author Coach to keep you always motivated, right on track, passionate, inspired, to give you a positive mindset and help you move towards achieving your goal of becoming an established and published author!

Phoenix Marcón – Founder [PHOENON]

Choose a goal today, and ask me, ‘how long will it take to achieve it?’. Together, we will come up with a deadline for your coaching. It might be a month, 2 months, 3 months, or longer, depending on your preference. I am ready to work with you all the way.

Author Coaching



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