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The benefits of engaging the services of a business coach cannot be overemphasized.

You might be running a small or local business or even looking to develop a worldwide company, but the benefits of engaging the services of a business coach cannot be overemphasized.

Starting a business can often feel like a very solitary pursuit. Like most of the things in life, having an experienced mentor that you can always rely on is a precious resource that should be available to all business owners. So many business owners have been looking here and there for advice on how to grow their company, but most of them have a limited amount of resources to turn to.

No doubt, there are several online articles and E-books on how to build a business and also grow it. In the end, every business is unique, and generic advice is not a suitable substitute for personalized guidance.

Fortunately, there is now a service where business owners can fully enjoy the personalized guidance they seek to answer all of their tricky questions and make their organization a success. This is what I refer to as ‘Business Coaching’


In 2016 I was voted one of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs in the world and since have published 3 books on business. Also, as a business coach, I am an experienced entrepreneur and also a business owner who has decided to use my wealth of experience and also my talents for building and growing a business to help other business owners reach their goals too.

Though there is plenty of information and advice available online on how to start and grow a business, all these by nature are usually generic and not always specific to the client’s unique businesses. As a business coach, I can provide something far more valuable, which comes in the form of personalized, custom advice.

If a person wants to learn how to ride a bicycle, it’s much easier to find a teacher, than it is to teach themselves. In the same vein, if an athlete wants to improve their skills, the best option they have is to join a team that has a great coach. I apply this logic to all of my clients – the fact that a great coach and mentors are the quickest routes to success, to almost every of life’s pursuit. This same logic is often overlooked by some people when it comes to growing a business. I am an expert entrepreneur who knows how to go about making a business successful.

I work alongside top executives and business owners to help them define their goals, polish their vision for their businesses, and finally set them in place with a series of strategies that help the business achieve its goals and vision.


Most times, business owners have tough questions relating to their business or run into problems along the way. In cases like this, I am always on hand to help them navigate through their issues in the most effective way possible and as quickly as possible.

Employing my services as a business coach is very much like having a highly experienced partner on your team, and the value that I offer to my clients is priceless.

Even if you have a struggling business and you need a way to revive it, or you just want to step up and take your brand to the next level, bringing in a professional business coach is one of the most effective options you have.

I serve as both a mentor and as a trainer. I can help in training you in the skills you need to be successful in your business, and I also serve as a source of information in case you ever have questions about what next you should do. I also work to refine your talents, guide your decisions, hone your goals, and also do everything else to ensure that you and your business turn out successful. I ensure I follow due process and learn everything I can about your brand, from its value propositions to its target customers and also the challenges it is likely to face and beyond.

Every company is unique; likewise, every business owner’s vision is unique as well. I will work with you to set attainable and beneficial goals for your team. These goals are goals that you need to hit to grow and achieve the vision you have.  Once you have a set of goal in place, I will always be there to help you meet them, assisting you in devising a set of strategies and action plans designed to take your business to meet its goals and help you navigate through challenges that come up along the way.

Phoenix Marcón – Founder [PHOENON]

Business Coaching



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