Common Exercise and Training Terms

Written by on April 26, 2019

Effective exercise and training plans follow particular principles that help individuals keep fit. Those principles might be known by various terms and accomplished through several means. Recognizing and applying them in your own fitness regimen may help make it more effective at getting the results you require.

How effective the exercise routine is that you adopt would depend upon several factors. These factors will help determine how fast you are able to slim down, improve stamina, or increase athletic performance. Here are some exercise variables to consider when attempting to develop your own fitness plan or regimen:

Frequency – this refers to how frequently you exercise. The frequency will let you develop an exercise regimen that you do on a set schedule, like a weekly basis. If you plan to exercise 2 days a week, you will be able to speed up results by adding another day of training to the week.

Intensity – this refers to the level of physical activity in your exercise plan. How hard you press yourself in each exercise session is likewise a factor in the effectiveness of a work-out and training program. For instance, jogging vs walking in a session would yield different results. More running instead of short bouts of walking or jogging would certainly have a different result than only walking each session.

Exercise – this refers to the types of movements included in your regimen. There are different exercises to pick from with each type being focused on developing different parts of the body. Knowledge of these types of exercises may help you develop a particular regimen that centers on improving targeted parts of the body.

Duration – this refers to the time that’s spent doing the exercises in sets and reps. How long you spend doing every exercise session will ultimately decide how fast or how slow you acquire results. Length of time spent exercising is important to avoid injury and improve results.

These exercise and training variables may be used when developing a solid exercise plan to drive better performance as well as results. You might begin by utilizing the different exercise variables in a way with which you feel comfortable. Along the way, you can alter any or all of these variables to increase your efficiency as well as reach your target results. The variables may also be utilized to make the exercise plan more interesting once it begins to become too routine.

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