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Master your Self-esteem!

Learn how to empower yourself and heal your inner child

You are broken, shattered, hurt and feel like your world is falling apart! You have been abused, mentally, emotionally, physically for as long as you can remember and have completely lost yourself in this incredibly crazy and abusive relationship. Stop allowing your past to control you and your happiness! Stop the vicious endless cycle of abuse and reclaim your self-esteem and self-love!

Join me on a journey of self-discovery that is designed to help you rebuild your broken self-esteem, heal your inner child and adult, and finally learn how to truly love yourself, so that you can manifest real happiness and love back into your life!

(Note: This is a recorded workshop chock-full with valuable coaching instruction, exercises and homework designed to get you to learn how to love yourself so you can live life to the fullest. When you purchase these amazing classes, you can watch them immediately and as many times as you need to solidify the teachings! Instructions to watch will be sent via email after you sign up. All you need is your computer/phone/tablet and a great internet connection!)

Learn how to heal your broken self-esteem and rebuild your confidence so that you can fall in love with yourself and find everlasting happiness.

When you sign up for the “Master Your Self-Esteem Challenge” you receive instant access to:

  • 5 Videos, each between 10 and 15 minutes long designed to help you learn where the source of your broken self-esteem comes from plus giving you practical coaching advice from a marriage therapist
  • 5 Workbooks, designed to help you solidify the teachings so that you can take action immediately to change and build your self love!
  • 5+ Daily Emails, designed to inspire you and guide you through the process
  • Lifetime access to the course so that you can revisit it whenever you need a boost of self-love or self-esteem

Lesson 1: Discover the source of your broken self-esteem

  • Get real clarity where the core issue of your self-image originated from, and acknowledge your inner child.
  • Understand how these issues manifest in your daily life.
  • How awareness and understanding leads to healing.

Lesson 2: Your limiting beliefs and how to overcome them.

  • You will learn how to become super clear and aware of your thoughts and beliefs
  • Step into your power and take control of your mind.
  • Unlock your limiting beliefs so you can set yourself free and fly

Lesson 3: How to be a Victor in your life

  • Discover how resilient you really are and honor the hero within you. .
  • Learn to celebrate yourself and step into your power, you are so much stronger then you know.

Lesson 4: Give yourself the love you want and need to heal your inner child

  • Understand what it is you and your inner child need in order to fully embrace and love yourself.
  • Learn how to give yourself the healing messages you need to hear so that you can empower yourself.
  • Create a Go to list of love and empowerment messages!

Lesson 5: Madly fall in love with yourself

  • Manifest self love and confidence into your life so that can take on the world and let go of all your fears and insecurities.
  • Step into your best self and the woman you know you can truly be!


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