JOURNAL: Reflections


365 Days of your personal experiences, insights, thoughts, and opinions inspired by famous quotes from throughout history and time.

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We are all born with the genes that give us the innate ability to think, imagine, dream, innovate, motivate, and even perceiver and endure. However, for most these attributes do not come naturally, by effectively stimulating the brain with famous quotes you can inspire your thinking process. It ultimately allows you to create an improved lifestyle for you and those around you. This unique journal permits you to reveal these sometimes-hidden traits by documenting your daily thoughts revolved around 12 segments of life known as TARGETLiving.


When utilizing the TARGETLiving approach developed by Phoenix Marcon, you optimize your life in positive ways such as amending your belief system, creating new insight into who you are, re-establishing life goals, in addition to so much more.


Day by day you will see a personal change due to these daily reflections. This, in turn, will result in healthier relationships, increased confidence and an overall improved outlook on life.

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