Thoughts of Wonder: American Haiku Meets Japanese Kanji


Haiku and kanji. Two Asian-inspired historic artforms meant to inspire peace of mind and Zen. For thousands of years, generations of men and women from around the globe have sought to attain perfection but few succeed. Sometimes the quest for perfection is the point of the journey. Thoughts of Wonder brings you both artforms in a stunning visual display suitable for any coffee table.

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Haiku and kanji. Each distinctive in their own regard but symbiotic in the emotions expressed. Thoughts of Wonder combines the flowing stanzas of haiku with the artistic flair of kanji. The established mood and setting of the haiku is matched with a complex system of symbols conveying both words and ideas.


Thoughts of Wonder is the collaborative efforts of bestselling author Phoenix Marcón and acclaimed Chinese calligraphy instructor Zhihe Luo. Each haiku is paired beautifully with a corresponding kanji. The most impressive aspect of this decorative coffee table book is that neither man has ever met in person or even spoke to one another, showing us just how small this wonderful world can truly be and how two people can come together across the miles to contribute something positive to the world.

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