Do you know what one thing is that nearly all of the successful people in the world share in common? They read books. Almost every single person that has become a millionaire, started a successful tech company, or achieved some other level of financial success learned from self-help books. There must be something to the […]


So what is awareness? I address it as “awareness”, a few individuals address it as “living consciously”, analysts call it “observing ego”. Don’t fret about the buzz words. It’s still the same matter. It essentially means being cognizant of what’s happening around you and in your life, and measuredly selecting all your actions. Without awareness, […]


Unstoppable Confidence: Kill Competition with Confidence Other than being a driving force, motivation also serves as a catalyst for confidence. When you are confident about doing something, you are also clearly motivated by your source of confidence. In short, you’re more motivated to do something when you know you can do it. Self-confidence starts with […]



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